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All India Mahila Congress also referred as Mahila Congress is the women’s wing of the Congress party. It is represented by the Pradesh Mahila Congress in all the states of the Indian Union. The current President is Shobha Oza.


We must think

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When PM Modi assumed office, he had said that Parliament is a temple of Democracy and he kow-towed before entering the august building for the first time. A year into his term, on one of his numerous trips to the USA, he said, the Constitution is “the only Holy Book” for his Government. But, today, India has been More Read

18% or 20%, Corporates will pass it on to people. GST rate exceeding 18% will affect common man


The GST Bill was passed with amendments in the Rajya Sabha. For 2 years, Shri Narendra Modi led BJP Government tried to pass this Bill without the support of the principle Opposition, and failed Read More